Technology at work for you

The traditional plan review process is often time-consuming, paper-heavy, and complicated. idtPlans Review significantly simplifies and shortens the plan review process while reducing paper requirements by more than 90% in most cases. idtPlans Review is ideal for today’s budget minded municipalities who are looking to take their permitting and plan review process online.    

Utilizing the latest in Adobe technologies we’ve designed a PDF based plan review system that allows all invited reviewers to easily measure, markup, and comment on documents at the same time. Digital signatures, version control, and configurable workflows only begin the extensive list of benefits and features.


Electronic Plan Review At A Glance

We take your existing paper applications and use them to create intelligent online forms. Project owners are able to fill out their applications and submit their documents online within minutes. Reviewers are automatically notified and begin marking up and commenting on documents. Once all reviewers have marked their work as complete, an administrator is automatically notified. All reviewer comments are automatically organized by sheet and department and then compiled into a customizable PDF correction letter. The correction letter is then sent back to the applicant and permission is granted to upload the second submittal repeating the process until the project is approved.


Quickly view what projects are currently under review and check their status.

Customize workflows to automatically route projects, notifications, and instructions to reviewers and owners.

Automatically create and email correction letters complete with links to the plan sheet mark-ups.



Each plan reviewer has their own overview page that displays all assigned projects along with current status and due dates.

Reviewers measure, compare, and mark up plan sheets on-screen and utilize their own comment library to quickly select and edit standardized comments that require corrections.




Submit plan review applications and upload documents in minutes from any computer.

Receive automatic e-mail notification when a resubmittal is required or a project is approved.

Manage all projects from one central location. New submittals, resubmittals, and approved projects are all located in one place.